Sunday, 15 December 2013

Gingerbread Village.

So today I am writing just a small post to share with you one of my latest yummy creations.

I have never been one to love making gingerbread houses. Whilst I love eating gingerbread, the whole cutting out and construction process isn’t something that really appeals to me. It is pretty fiddly, and almost impossible without the help of another person. I also find that with the addition of lollies and oodles of royal icing, the house can end up looking pretty tacky.

But after receiving the latest Donna Hay magazine, I was completely inspired to attempt creating a gingerbread house…but with a twist. Gracing the front cover of this month’s edition was a gingerbread village. Simple looking, yet completely contemporary.  I decided to rope in my boyfriend to help me out with this one, as he has a real knack for cutting with precision and assembling bits and pieces. So when you see masculine fingers in some of the photos, remember they’re not mine!

I won’t share with you the gingerbread recipe today, as it is a pretty basic one!  But what I will show you are a few photos of the construction process. Enjoy!  


Now what will I do with 4 gingerbread houses you ask? Within my family, it is my job to design and create the Christmas table (this is a self-appointed role by the way!). This year, I have decided to use this gingerbread village as the centrepiece, which I am completely excited about! I think it will look super cute alongside some beautiful white flowers and fairy lights. I will no doubt share it with you later on!
Unil next time, happy baking.