Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Blueberry, Watermelon, Lime & Strawberry Icy Poles.

So it's summertime, which means one thing - frozen treats!

Last year for Christmas I was given a zoku icy pole maker. All you do is pour your mixture into the contraption and voila! Your icy poles are frozen in about 5 minutes! This makes the whole process so much easier as you don't have to wait agesss for them to set! Which means you can eat them practically straight away! Yay!

I like experimenting with different flavours when making icy poles. The options are limitless, making it all the more fun! After looking in various magazines (yes, Donna Hay), I came up with....blueberry watermelon, lime and strawberry icy poles!

Now blueberries don't have a lot of flavour when they are uncooked, so I decided to boil a cup full of them, with a cup  of water and about half a cup of sugar until they were a thickish, purple consistency. I then allowed the mixture to cool.

I chopped up about 4 large pieces of watermelon and 6 strawberries, and placed them and the juice of half a lime in the blender. I added the blueberry and blitzed it until it was smooth! The mixture was then poured into my zoku icy pole maker, and let them freeze.

They were so delish, and are the perfect guilt-free treat for a hot summers day!

Until next time, happy baking.


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